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Your website is the most important aspect of your website. In this digital age, no website means no customers or loss of customers if your website goes down.

All of our customer websites are housed on a shared hosting environment on our secure servers. However, internet hackers are constantly improving their hacking capabilities to get through security on servers to bring down or damage websites.

All of our customer websites are backed up so in the event your website is attacked, we can fully restore your website within 24-72 hours.

However, depending on your business model, a website going down is simply not an option for some businesses. To cater for this need and requirement, we offer a solution that ensures zero downtime in the event your website is hacked.

We offer a facility called Cloud Anti-Virus that adds additional layers of security to your website files and in addition we publish copies of your website to three different servers around the world, known as ‘the cloud’.

What this mean is should your website go down due to a DDos attack (overload of traffic exceeding bandwidth) or is hacked and needs to be temporarily taken offline, as the server goes down, a second server in another location immediately activate so that your website experiences no down time.

If you have any questions regarding our hosting plans and features, call 0207 859 4480 today for further details.

  • Cloud Anti-Virus Pro Plan

    • Website Anti-Virus Software
    • Malware Detection & Cleanup
    • Cloud Hosting
    • Attack Detection
    • DDoS Mitigation
    • Website Firewall
    • Blacklist Repair & Removal
    • Daily Scans & Security Updates
    • Website Back-Ups
    • Minimum Term 12 Months
    • Cancel Anytime
    • 24/7 UK Freephone Support


    per month ex. vat

Features Included In Our Websites

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